Prayer Ministry

The folks involved in the Prayer Ministry have a passion for bringing human and ministry needs to God for insight, wisdom, blessing, and discernment. They believe that God's power and presence are necessary for living the Christian life. The ministry provides a way to be prayed for that is easy, accessible and when appropriate, private. A list of the prayer needs of our congregation and community are collected and shared with the Prayer ministry. Their special emphasis is on the homebound, the ill and hospitalized, the greiving, those in need, the challanged, and our community.

Pray for and with our Prayer Ministry.

Link to The Upper Room daily prayer devotions or prayer requests.

A Place To Pray

Of course you can pray anywhere and at any time. But sometimes it is comforting to have a special place to speak to God and ask for His guidance, intercession or for a favor. Such a place has been created within our sanctuary.

You may have noticed that a stand of candles has been added, also a pair of kneelers and a crucifix. This little corner of our sanctuary has been created to provide a place of solitude – a place to pray. You may ask – Why the candles? Why the kneelers? Well sometimes when we pray, we are humbled and kneelers are appropriate. The candles can represent a visual expression of our individual prayer, which at times can be most meaningful to us. So, our special place to pray provides for those needs.

If you wish to pray, light a candle, or kneel before Our Lord, you can do so at anytime when the church facilities are open. We pray for you and with you.

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A Place To Pray

Community Prayer Session

United in Faith Lutheran Church, 6525 W. Irving Park Rd., Chicago, invites all to come to our new Community Prayer Session.

Prayer is very personal. In today’s world, many things can be lifted up in prayer. Personal and family healing of mind, spirit and body, is at the top of the list. Prayer can also include peace in the world, among the nations and in our own family. Words of thanksgiving for prayers answered can be offered. We can include loved ones who are lonely. We can pray for our military personnel for safety while away from us. Whatever you want to lift up in prayer, you will be welcome to join us.
For additional information contact the church office, (773) 283-2326. Parking is free. United in Faith has a parking lot behind the church. Please enter through the doors by the parking lot.

United in Faith's Friends in the Military

The Prayer Ministry offers prays for our Friends in the Military. You are requested to offer your prayers for the following men and women who are serving in the Armed Forces:

All Hostages
The Families of All in the Armed Forces

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