Notes For First-Time Visitors

Thinking about visiting us for worship or an event? We’re excited to welcome you to United in Faith!
There are a few things we want you to know to help ensure things go smoothly.

We are located on Irving Park Road, between Natchez and Neenah (west of Narragansett, east of Harlem). The building is a long, low building painted blue, directly across from AutoZone.

The main parking lot is in back, off the alley between Natchez and Neenah. It’s best to enter from Neenah and turn left into the alley. There is an entrance off the back parking lot. A secondary parking area is directly against the east side of the church building (between the church and Jolly Inn). Finally, there are some parking spots on Irving Park Road directly in front of the church. There is a door into the church from Irving Park as well. For both the secondary and street parking, it is best to enter from Irving Park Road.

Taking public transportation – the #80 CTA bus drives past our building. Get off either at Natchez or Neenah. Enter through the church office door off of Irving Park Road.

Service Times
Most Sundays, we have two services – one at 8:30am and one at 10:30am. The 8:30am service centers on piano and organ music, and is more “traditional”. The 10:30am service includes some Christian contemporary music, accompanied by vocalists, guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums. Both services include weekly communion.
On the 5th Sunday of the month, we have one service at 9:30am – to confirm the service times, check our calendar  or call the church office at 773-283-2326. We offer just one service at 9:30 during the summer (generally June through August) that combines elements and instruments from both worship styles.

Other Sunday Morning Opportunities
On days when we have two services (8:30 and 10:30), we have fellowship time with refreshments at 9:30. This is a good time to meet people from both worship service times, as we share coffee and snacks and conversation. Sunday school for children (up to 6th grade) is also at 9:30 when we have both services. Sometimes, Pastor Carla regularly leads a short Bible study on those days as well and all are welcomed. 

Community and Recovery Groups
St. Cyprian’s Food Pantry (Monday and Thursday, 9-11am)
New Life for Old Bags (making mats for the homeless on the 1st Saturday of the month) 
Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts (various times) 
AA, Al Anon, Survivors of Incest Anonymous (various times)

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