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Church Health Team

During October 2008, our then pastoral intern, Julie Boleyn created the Renewal Team as part of her intern project. The purpose of the project was to explore the ways in which God continues to speak to us and the ways in which we may continue our praises to God. A process called Natural Church Development was used to help the congregation to hear the voice of God and to listen to what He has to say to us.

Because NCD is used for Church Health, the Renewal Team changed its name to the Church Health Team. We asked for your re-commitment to making our church healthy. The whole church needs to be involved in the health process. It can't just be the Church Health team.  Your commitment, prayers and help are needed. The name change occurred on June 26, 2013.

One of the fruits of the process was the creation of our Purpose & Guiding Principles.

In 2018 we explored the REVEAL process, beginning with a survey by each member.  We found out we are a Complacent congregation - rarely praying or reflecting on scripture outside of church, consisting of long time older churchgoers, and happy the way things are.  Efforts were directed at bible studies and prayer.  Movement beyond complacency requires an outward focus on mission or internal spiritual growth.  Discussions regarding what individuals are willing to do to position the church for growth were held.  Do we love our congregation enough to be open to the changes that may be needed for growth?


In 2020 with the rise of covid the CHT wrestled with the issue of how to be church during a pandemic and then how to plan for the return of in person worship.


In 2023 Pastor Carla left our ministry and the congregation was focused on the transition process.  CHT efforts were suspended during this time of focusing on the process to call another pastor.

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