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Is Your Spouse, Partner or Family Prepared for Your Death?

It would be nice for your spouse, partner or relatives if you had your affairs in order as they can be, before you died. Death is traumatic enough. There are the funeral arrangements, wake and everything that goes along with that, including the physical disposition of personal items (clothes, furniture, etc.). And then there are the financial affairs. If there was a hospital stay before death, there are other items that need to be addressed. You can plan for some of these now, while you are physically and mentally able.

The document, titled “Everything Someone Should Know About You Before You Die, But Were Afraid To Ask,” will go through what items and information would be helpful to you and the loved ones you leave behind, in preparing to put your affairs in order.

Planning for your death may not be easy. If you’ve had a close relative or loved one precede you in death – parent, spouse, aunt, etc. - you know what you had to contend with. Our hope is that you make it as easy as possible for your loved ones to deal with settling your affairs.  The document titled ""Planning For The Journey Document" will help you prepare for the journey.

Documentation follows:

Everything Someone Should Know About You Before You Die, But Were Afraid to Ask

Planning For The Journey Document - detailed documentation for the workshop

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