Faith Development

One of United in Faith’s guiding principles is “Continue to Strengthen Faith”. All Christian believers are always learning and growing in faith. No matter what age we are or how many years we’ve participated in church life, we continue to seek new insights into God’s working in our lives. 

At United in Faith, we grow in faith through: 
Bible Study (currently on the third Wednesday of each month at 10am) 
Prayer Group (currently on the second Wednesday of each month at 10am) 
Book studies 
Sunday school (children) 
Sharing words of invitation and encouragement with those outside our doors 
Serving people in need through various community organizations 
God sightings in worship (seasonal – next up Epiphany 2020) 
Adult Studies (usually for a specific subject and number of weeks) 
Take-home devotionals (Christ in Our Home or The Word in Season) 
Advent and Lenten devotionals (seasonal) 

Our Resource Room has many books on prayer, faith, worship, Christian history, Bible, and more. 
Our Prayer Room offers books, guided prayer activities, and space to pray quietly or to seek inspiration. 

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