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Template - Heading

Section Header


Heading = Times New Roman; Bold; 22; Centered

Section Header = Times New Roman; Bold; 20

Text = Times New Roman; Normal; 16

Picture Footer = Times New Roman; Bold; 12

Link (Page, Picture, Email Address, Web Address, Anchor, Document) = Times New Roman; Bold; 16; Underlined


Adding Pages:

Add new pages in an appropriate sequence under the appropriate Menu Item;

Add a link to the page in the Site Map;

Add a solid line just through the middle portion of the page at the end on the page.

Duplicate Pages:

When you want to duplicate a page on the menu: 

copy the page; 

rename it with the original page’s name followed by_ (an underscore); 

then update the “Site Map".

For example, "Bible Study" is a "Ministry", is an "Ongoing Activity" and a "Current Event" 

Hidden Pages:

There are several pages “hidden” as sub-pages of “Home” on the menu: "20 Years Ago" and "20th Anniversary Dinner".  These are referenced by other sub-pages and should remain where they are.

"Template" is a hidden page under "Home" that documents how to design a page and also contains "Instructions" on how to modify the site and explains certain activities.

Pages No Longer Needed

Pages that are no longer needed could be deleted OR

they can be “hidden” if you want to save them and stored in the Folder "Past Events" which is hidden.


Hidden Folder

There is a hidden folder called "Past Events" where pages of past activities are hidden and stored for future use and/or reference.

Storage Folders

All items (pictures & documents) are stored in folders.

The Storage Folders are:

Annual Meeting Packets;

Gallery (contains sub-Folders of pictures by ocasion);

History (contains documents related to our history);

Individual Documents (referenced on Pages);

Individual Pictures (which are used on Pages);


PGP (documents pertaining to our Purpose & Guiding Principles);


Stewardship (documents pertaining to or developed by the Stewardship Ministry).


Storing Pictures:

Each new set of pictures for an occasion are in their own sub-Folder within the Gallery Folder.


Pictures posted on a page are all in a separate folder -“Individual Pictures”.

Uploading Items

Uploading Items (images, PDF documents, newsletters, annual meeting packets, etc)  into Wix

In the Editor:

click the “+ sign in a circle”; 

click “Image”; 

click “My Image Uploads”; 

click “+ Upload Media”; 

click “Upload from Computer”. 

You can upload individual or multiple item if desired.

Once the item is uploaded you can choose it and add it to a page.


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