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Our Sunday worship services are livestreamed to Facebook and YouTube. You can find us at or at

We recognize that these virtual worship formats have limitations, but we also want to facilitate your ability to worship from elsewhere when needed for health or travel. We try to have the words for congregational songs posted on the screen so that you can sing along. You may even feel comfortable having communion elements wherever you are worshipping virtually and participating at the time of communion in the service. Type any prayer requests in the chat (we may not get to them right away during service, but be assured that many of us do look back over them and pray those requests later on our own). And feel free to “share the peace” via the chat as well!

Feel free to let us know in the Facebook comments if the sound isn’t coming across clearly or if we are having other technical issues, because we often can’t tell from our side. Also, we’re grateful for your patience since this livestream technology is run by volunteers (sometimes differs from week to week).

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