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Guidelines to Keep in Mind from our State, City, and Denomination

These documents have been used by United in Faith’s council and leaders to guide their discussions on what our next congregation steps might be, including when we might we begin in-person worship again. Not an exhaustive list, but all of these have important considerations.

IL documents on Restoring Illinois plan (we are in the Northeast Region):

City of Chicago documents (the city of Chicago is on a slightly different timeline than the surrounding communities, even in the same county and state):

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (

Metro Chicago synod documents:

Restoring MCS summary chart:

Restoring MCS detailed guidelines:

Restoring MCS document – incudes Operational Questions for discussion/planning:

ELCA documents:

Considerations on Returning To In-Person Worship

Worship in Times of Public Health Concerns (COVID-specific)

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