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Do you shop at If not, maybe you should start! Amazon will give a small percentage of most of your purchases made on Amazon Smile to United in Faith. All you need to do is shop through instead of The first time you visit, you will need to choose a charity. Type in “United in Faith Lutheran Church” and locate the one with the Chicago address. That’s it! You’re all set. Just remember to bookmark the page and return the next time you intend to shop at Amazon.

OR you can simply click this link (, be sure United in Faith Lutheran Church is selected as the non-profit you would like to support, and UIF gets a donation every time you shop at Amazon Smile.

Our church will start receiving .5% for all qualifying purchases you make. It may not sound like much money, but if any of your households are like the Quillin household, they run on the convenience of Amazon! This is just one small way you can enhance your regular stewardship practices without spending additional money out of your pocket.

Any additional money that comes in through will enhance our ability to do ministry! Contact Gretchen Quillin or Bonnie Maginnis with any questions.

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