Gay & Straight Together

Gay & Straight Together Ministry is currently Inactive.

The Gay & Straight Together Ministry focuses on reaching out to GLBT folks and sponsoring educational sessions for all in the congregation.  
We honor Jesus as our Lord and Savior by doing ministry as He did while on earth - treating everyone with compassion, love and respect.  We honor Jesus by treating our brothers and sisters in Christ as we would Jesus himself, since all are to be Christ in the flesh.  We are all His treasured children.  This ministry focuses its efforts on creating opportunities to reinforce this belief with our GLBT neighbors and friends.

Gay & Straight Together Ministry reminds our congregation of our important commitment to being a fully inclusive and welcoming church. GSTM sponsors educational sessions for all in the congregation, to help expand our understanding of our sisters and brothers in the GLBTQIA community, so that we can be better advocates and supporters. This ministry does not meet regularly, but the work of welcome and support is carried on by the congregation.

Welcoming all of God's Children to worship, praise, and serve our Creator God side-by-side will enable us to show gay and lesbian folks that Jesus is Lord of our life. 

For more information, call the church office at 773.283.2326 or visit us at


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