Book Study

For five successive Wednesday evenings at 7pm in early 2021 (January 13 – February 10), you are invited to study and discuss the book "Dear Church: A Love Letter from a Black Preacher to the Whitest Denomination in the U.S." by Lenny Duncan, the self proclaimed “unlikeliest of pastors.” We will gather on ZOOM those week:


Some of us read this book early in 2020, but now we are ready to return to the group discussions as a congregation. You still have some time to read or re-read this book before mid-January!


This book challenges us to listen to a voice that may not be familiar or comfortable or easy, but that will help us learn and grow. Part manifesto, part confession, and all love letter, Dear Church offers a bold new vision for the church to take on forces of this world that act against God: whiteness, misogyny, nationalism, homophobia, and economic injustice.


Reading Schedule:

1/13 review intro, chapter 1 & 2

1/20 chap 3 & 4

1/27 chap 5 & 6

2/3 chap 7 & 8

2/10 chap 9 - 11

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